Jacob Roloff Gets The Most Hilarious Birthday Congratulation Ever From His Brother Jeremy


Jacob Roloff Gets The Most Hilarious Birthday Congratulation Ever From His Brother Jeremy

We all love the Roloff family. Fans all over the world admire the adventures of the Little People, Big World stars. Their personal life is no less interesting as their show. And recently, Jacob Roloff celebrated his 21st birthday.

His family congratulated the young man on this tremendous event, and his brother Jeremy’s message was really awesome. Just keep reading the article to find out what Jeremy has wished to his younger brother.


Happy birthday, brother!

On January 17th, 2018, Jacob Roloff celebrated his 21st birthday. It’s a significant milestone for every young guy. Jacob confessed he was waiting to reach this ‘huge’ date and officially enter an adult life.

Допис, поширений Amy Roloff (@amyjroloff)

All members of the Roloff family gathered together for a birthday celebration. However, they did it a week earlier. It seems they just couldn’t wait for so long to arrange a huge party.

Amy congratulated her dear son, Jacob, with the sweetest post ever. The proud mother wrote on her Instagram:

My baby! Happy Happy 21st Birthday, Jacob. So proud of you, so happy for you and looking forward to see where life’s journey takes you.

Допис, поширений Amy Roloff (@amyjroloff)

Well, kids always will be kids for every loving mother. It doesn’t matter whether they turn 21 or 50.

Jeremy Roloff also couldn’t miss a chance to congratulate his brother on his 21st birthday. Jeremy is known for his exceptional sense of humor, so he sent his brother this hilarious message. Get ready to laugh out loud.


Here is what Jeremy wrote:

Happy 21st birthday, Brother. I’m glad we live closer, it’s been great being able to hang out more. I think Ember likes it too. Cheers to books, games, and talks. Love you! See you in a few minutes.

Допис, поширений Jeremy James Roloff (@jeremyroloff)

Isn’t it sweet and touching? Happy birthday, Jacob! We love you and your wonderful family.


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