Jack Osbourne Revealed His Father's Real Feelings About The Much Loved Family Reality Show


Jack Osbourne Revealed His Father's Real Feelings About The Much Loved Family Reality Show

Jack Osbourne revealed his father’s attitude towards the reality show they starred 15 years ago. The son of the heavy metal performer said in his recent interview how his father began to perceive the reality TV programs after filming their own one.


Not all Osbournes

The Osbournes was claimed to be the most viewed TV series on MTV depicting the family life of the heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon Osbourne, and their children, Jack and Kelly. 

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The show was online for almost three years from 2002 to 2005. The fans, however, didn’t see Ozzy’s another daughter Aimee, who refused to be filmed in the series and even moved away from home at the age of 16. Even though the show was marked as a great success in those times, Aimee wasn’t the only one to hate the TV program.


Real feelings

In his latest interview, Jack Osbourne, who was 18 at the time of filming, revealed his father’s real feelings to their own show and all the consequent reality series after that:

After The Osbournes, he just hated reality TV. He hated the experience, he hated the way he was portrayed. He was like, “It’s not what I do. I’m a musician.”


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With his own TV reality show, Jack confessed The Osbournes was a great experience for him, and he will try to avoid all the mistakes made previously. His kids appear on the show as their father does his best to make it look as natural as possible:

I’m a little more structured with my kids than my parents were with me. I won’t take them out of school for travel, not so much.


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Lovely divorce

However, it won’t be so easy for Jack to continue his traveling TV experience now. Together with his wife Lisa Stelly, he announced their friendly split.


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The couple claimed to be loving each other and hope to stay good partners and support each other through the life.


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