Ivanka, Melania, And Donald Trump Dressed Gorgeously To The State Of The Union Address


Ivanka, Melania, And Donald Trump Dressed Gorgeously To The State Of The Union Address



The United States of America is the world leader for many reasons. The reasons range from its military power, its domineering role in the United Nations, and more importantly, its model of democracy which is perceived as the ideal one that others should follow.

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About the State of the Union address

As is the practice, every sitting President is expected to present a State of the Union address to the Congress annually. At this event, critical issues are addressed by the President.

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This is 2018, and President Trump delivered the address in his usual style. While this occasion was a political one, the family of Donald Trump and others stepped out in style to this event.

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Melania and Ivanka dress gorgeously

As soon as the First Lady Melania Trump stepped into the arena, she was given a standing ovation. She was gorgeously dressed in a white pantsuit which was believed to be designed by Christian Dior.

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She appeared graceful and dazzling beautiful in this outfit, and she was full of smiles as she walked in as well.

Ivanka Trump, the beloved daughter of the President, also came in the company of her husband Jared Kushner. She appeared in a dress believed to be worth over $2000.

What other people wore to this event

Amidst this glamorous and all-important event, it could be seen that a couple of people seemed to have planned to wear a uniform of some sort.

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It is no longer news in the United States of America that many women are standing up and speaking out against all kinds of sexual harassment. There is a movement now called #MeToo and #TimesUp.

The essence of this movement can already be known. The senators, mostly women, were dressed in black clothes as a sign of a gentle protest against this uprising in the country.

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One of the Congressmen, Ted Lieu, made it clear that their outfit was basically for solidarity and to let people know they were deeply concerned about the issues of sexual harassment in the country. In his words, he said:

Sexual harassment knows no party or industry. Wearing black to tonight’s #SOTU to show solidarity with workers across the country demanding safety & equality.

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We look forward to the next State of the Union address with great anticipation and hope for a better America next year.

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