"It's Only A Church!": Salma Hayek And Her Husband Are Slammed For Their Generous Donation To Rebuild Notre-Dame


"It's Only A Church!": Salma Hayek And Her Husband Are Slammed For Their Generous Donation To Rebuild Notre-Dame

Monday was a sad day for all Parisians, Catholics, and everyone who values history.

On Monday evening, a huge fire engulfed the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris. Thousands of people watched in horror as the blaze ravaged the historic building, the pride of France.

It took several hours to contain the fire. Luckily, no one was killed, but a significant part of the cathedral, including its famous spire, was destroyed.

Many wealthy Frenchmen promised to fund the reconstruction of Notre-Dame. These include Salma Hayek’s husband, French businessman François-Henri Pinault. He pledged 100 million euros for the cause.

Salma praises her husband for his generosity

Salma was very much impressed by her husband’s remarkable generosity and took to Instagram to praise him and his dad.

Her heartfelt message says:

Today more than ever I feel proud to be part of the Pinault family. Not only for their personal and heart felt participation in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris but also because their contribution wont be claiming any tax deductions from the government. My husband and father in law are two generous french citizens, who sincerely understand the importance of this spiritual, cultural and historical treasure from Paris to the world.

However, not everyone is as grateful to François-Henri as Salma.

People’s indignant reactions

The actress has more than 9 million followers on Instagram, and hundreds of them have commented on her praise of François-Henri. Surprisingly, many of the comments are negative.

Critics slammed Salma and her husband for choosing to donate millions to what is, in their minds, a much less worthy cause than cancer research or ending world hunger.

Here are some of the outraged comments:


That money can be for better use that a church. Yeah, it’s historic. But with all that money it could be to better use on education, health, climate change (recycling) and etc. this is a joke on how you rich people give your money to things that really don’t matter. People are dying and starving theirs real issues than a church. Blah, whatever.


It’s only a church!! It would be better if he spent the money on cancer research don’t you think and saved millions of lives!


so many people have nothing to eat, how about donating there


@salmahayek In your country beautiful Mexico people are suffering from hunger. You want to fix something go fix the world not Notre-Dame de Paris


Donation for notre dame proves that, rich people can easily end the poverty across the world if they want to! But alas! They don’t.

We want to ask the critics just one question: how much do they spend on charity? We bet they’d rather not answer.

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