It's Easy To Stay Young: 5 Haircut Mistakes That Make Women Look Older


It's Easy To Stay Young: 5 Haircut Mistakes That Make Women Look Older

When there is a desire to change something in life, most women decide to visit a beauty salon for a new haircut. Unfortunately, the results don’t always justify our expectations. Improperly chosen haircut or hair color will not only fail to refresh your image, but will also add you a few extra years.

Today, we will tell you about 5 common mistakes, which make you look older.

1. Black color

A contrasting dark shade makes you look older and emphasizes your flaws. Black hair underlines the wrinkles and might make you look tired. Next time you are going to dye your hair, try choosing a color 1-2 shades lighter. For example, instead of dark chestnut go for milk chocolate. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

2. Too short

Many women seem to follow the unspoken rule – the older you become, the shorter your haircut should be. In fact, such style fits very few people and in other cases, makes you look older. If you have thick and healthy hair, under no circumstances should you cut it. Pay attention to medium length haircuts, they always look stylish and modern.

3. Gray hair

It is not wise to refuse from dying the gray hair. Even though silver shades are currently trending, they have nothing to do with naturally gray hair and are good only on young girls.

4. Hair color and your skin shade

Women with pale skin should not dye their hair in light shades. Always adhere to slight hair contrast to differentiate it from the skin tone. This way, you will look healthy and radiant.

5. Too long

Long hair might make your facial features sag, resulting in an anti-lifting effect. In order to conceal the signs of aging, go for a choppy, asymmetrical shoulder-length haircut.

What do you think about these hints? Have any of them helped you look younger?

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