"It's Beautiful, But It Takes Work": Lenny Kravitz On His Bond With Ex-Wife's Hubby, Jason Momoa


"It's Beautiful, But It Takes Work": Lenny Kravitz On His Bond With Ex-Wife's Hubby, Jason Momoa



Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet’s affinity is the perfect example of how modern relationships should be. Many of us dwell on our disasters and forget that bonds are meant to be transformed, not broken.

The two married in 1987 but, shortly after their daughter, Zoe’s birth, they divorced. Later on, Lenny dated many A-lister actresses but, never exchanged vows again. He and Lisa co-parented their only child and for her’s sake reinvented some terms. On one occasion, The Hunger Games star explained that Bonet and he are now like brother and sister.

They all teamed up!

The brotherly chemistry between Lenny and his ex-wife’s husband, Jason Momoa, is no secret to anyone. Previously, the two studs even flaunted matching rings. So, how were they able to reach such a good place? The immediate answer would be: It’s probably a miracle! But, nah!

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During an interview with The Times, Kravitz revealed blocks were shifted and efforts were made. It’s never easy to swallow pride and see your loved ones start a new family without you. Apparently, he intelligently formed a new pact. He said:

Our families are blended. I love her husband [Jason] – he’s like a brother to me – and I love the kids. It’s beautiful, but it takes work.

Jason as a stepdad

Zoe Kravitz found her second father in Jason Momoa. They live in utter harmony and can’t stop gushing over each other. She loving calls him "Papabear" which is the cutest thing ever!

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Their mutual love and respect for one another are just exemplary. Lenny and Lisa found the perfect way to move on and see how incredible things turned out to be – everything’s better than before!

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