Inside Marilyn Monroe's Cozy LA California Mansion


Inside Marilyn Monroe's Cozy LA California Mansion



Hollywood stars rake in millions in earnings for appearing in blockbuster movies. And despite the fact that women on average still get paid less than men, they still end up with a decent slice of the cake.


When TV idol, Marilyn Monroe, was still on screen, she suffered the same fate as actresses now. Despite her sterling performances, she was often underpaid. She got a paltry $100,000 in t962 short, Something’s Got to Give.


Considering how popular she was, and the outrageous amounts spent on some movies these days, Monroe would probably have been paid a couple of millions if she was acting now.

Inside Marilyn Monroe’s mansion

She may have lived in countless houses, but the iconic diva owned just one house, a mansion nestled in Brentwood, California. She bought it in February 1962.


Built in 1929, the Hacienda at 12305 5th Helena Drive, originally had two bedrooms. The exterior had adobe walls and was roofed with red tiles. Adjoining the L-shaped house was a small guesthouse. The bedroom was far from grand but had doors leading out to the patio.


Outside is a freeform pool with a marvelous view of the grounds which included a groove of citrus plants. Monroe was big on decorating and is said to have traveled all the way to Tijuana and Mexico City to buy ornaments and accessories for the house.


It is said that Monroe bought the property on a recommendation from a psychiatrist who felt that having a place she calls home would help stabilize her life.

Monroe spent most of the last six months of her life on the beautiful property. It was listed for sale in 2017 for $6.9million.


Years after her death, Monroe’s prized possessions still bring in a lot of money in actions.


The famous black dress she wore in 1960’s Some Like It Hot was auctioned for $460,000 in 2016. Some other curious items like a prescription box went for $3,750 the same year.


The most expensive item ever sold was the dress she wore at Madison Square Garden in 1962, when she sang Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy.

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