In Sync! Twin Brothers From Michigan Welcome Babies With Different Women On The Same Day


In Sync! Twin Brothers From Michigan Welcome Babies With Different Women On The Same Day

Twins have been said to share a rare connection that regular siblings do not have with each other. The story of these twin brothers from Michigan, who welcomed their children on the same day, appears to confirm this otherworldly connection.


Is there a science to it?

However, far from the mysterious links most people think they share, for identical twins, it could simply be a matter of DNA.

Their DNA explains why they share the same mental health characteristics and could very likely share the same lifestyle patterns.


Other than this, there is no known evidence that any specific ‘twinning’ experience exists.

The Thorington brothers

Nonetheless, people are stunned by the story of these twin brothers, Justin and Joshua Thorington.

Because, what is the likelihood that their wives who have no connection would go into labor on the same day, right?

The Thoringtons, 33, told PEOPLE. "We’ve always been pretty in sync, so to me, it wasn’t surprising".  They say their friends weren’t surprised at all.

Joshua and his wife, Denise, welcomed their son, Jack Andrew. in the morning. Justine and wife, Alex Raphael, welcomed their daughter, Lucy Elise, at night.

Weird twin questions

Twins get to answer a lot of curious questions from total strangers and friends alike.


By the time they get old enough, they have probably been asked if they have the same finger print, if they can read each other’s minds and if they have a secret language.

While an abundance of anecdotes exist that claim that these things are true, no scientific evidence supports these claims.

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