In Style: 10 Chic Hairdos For Women Over 50


In Style: 10 Chic Hairdos For Women Over 50

You know what is the greatest thing about women a trifle over 50? Their determination! Many of them decisively act to start a new life and feel young again, which they manage: stylish clothes, bright lipstick and a trendy haircut with a radically new color. When a woman is happy with how she looks, everything changes. There is once again a spark in the eyes, the chin’s up, and the spirits are high.


If you haven’t joined the “change-now” club yet, but would like to, we recommend starting with a haircut. But choose carefully! We present these 10 hairdos. Choose one for yourself with the help of a specialist.

1. If you want to stay in tune with the trend, we advise going for ‘cream soda’ highlights. This is a winter-spring 2018 trend. It looks gorgeous on long and short hair. It will also suit all colors. Look at how great it looks with a bobline.

2. If you want to stick with your hair color, don’t change it. Gray hair started showing? You can dye the same shade you wore earlier, or a shade darker. Add a few lighter locks, and  – ta-da! – your new look is ready. A bit of ruffle will add volume to your hair and playfulness to your look.

3. Those who like to look neat and orderly choose a traditional set – well-tended straight hair. If it’s familiar, it doesn’t have to be boring! Add a few copper locks, cut off the tips and you are a queen! Swipe for before picture.

4. Don’t get rid of good-looking hair. But if the tips split or are becoming too thin, try a short or medium bob cut with some exciting dye. The main thing is the volume at the roots to make your hair look thicker.

5. A 3-tiered cut will be perfect for women with thick hair. How do you like it?

6. A "boyish" haircut always makes you look younger. Look at a happy and stylish woman in this video. She inspires to change!

7. If you are into bright colors, pay attention to burgundy. It will be the most trendy in 2018.

8. Stylists recommend women after 50 to grow bangs. This way, you can experiment more and hide little wrinkles on the forehead.

9. A pixie cut got in style in 1953 with Audrey Hepburn appearing on the screen in ‘Roman Holiday‘. It has become the number one cut for rebel-girls, who want to express their inner freedom. The look is instantly full of life, don’t you think?

10. And, finally, one more hair trend – the Sharon Stone look. Swipe for the second picture.

If you like a haircut or a dyeing solution – keep this article. Now, you won’t have to blindly trust your specialist – just ask your beautician to do it exactly as in the picture. A new haircut can change a life for better. You’ll see!

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