In Sickness And Health: Bride With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Marries The Love Of Her Life


In Sickness And Health: Bride With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Marries The Love Of Her Life

Breast cancer is the second most common diagnosis American women can get. Statistically, 1 in 8 US females will develop breast cancer during the course of their lives. However, it’s not always a death sentence, and it’s possible to live a happy life, despite the illness. Laurin Long is a perfect example of optimism and ability to enjoy her every day.

Inspiring love story

Laurin was blessed with meeting the love of her life not long after she first received her diagnosis. She found out about having stage four breast cancer about three years ago. Today, unfortunately, it spread to her bones, lungs, and liver.

She and her fiancee, Michael Bank, got married on March 24, and the traditional wedding vows couldn’t have been more true. Laurin and Michael stayed together through her battle with cancer, loving each other and enjoying every minute together.

Many of the couple’s friends, who are also stage four cancer survivors, attended the wedding to celebrate Laurin and Michael’s love.

This girl right here is SO strong and SO beautiful! She’s having the time of her life, paying no mind to the fact that she is fighting for it. Pray, pray, pray for Laurin and let her be motivation to us all.

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The bride’s parents both died from cancer before she turned 20, so her brother David gave her away.

The couple did gorgeous engagement photos, in which Laurin is wearing a beautiful polka dots dress. She and her friends wear polka dot clothes to support all stage four breast cancer patients.

Needless to say, Laurin and Michael looked absolutely lovely and ridiculously happy on their special day.

Breast cancer prevention

There are ways to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Here are a few major factors that can help to prevent the disease:

  1. Keeping healthy weight.
  2. Exercise regularly.
  3. Adding a lot of fruits and vegetables to the diet.
  4. Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.
  5. Don’t use birth-control pills after the age of 35.

Stay healthy, positive, and enjoy every day you get with your loved ones.

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