Ignore The Enemy And Leave The Pride Behind: Michelle Obama's Advice To Achieve Success


Ignore The Enemy And Leave The Pride Behind: Michelle Obama's Advice To Achieve Success

Michelle Obama is a woman of principles and an example to follow. She has achieved women’s empowerment and still fights against various kinds of discrimination.


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One of the most important projects she started was the "College Signing Day" celebration (the day when students are ready to begin a new stage in vocational training). This year, on May 2, this celebration was held for the fifth time at Temple University, in Philadelphia. And, as always, Michelle’s speech inspired everyone.


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It may seem simple to be the First Lady of the United States but being the wife of the first African-American president involved a great challenge. However, she admitted that the hardest task was to get to that position. Michelle Obama talked about how she was discriminated when she wanted to attend university because she was both: an African-American and a woman.

I went to public schools all my life, and when I decided that I wanted to go to colledge, do you know what one of my college counselors told me? He told me not to set the bar too high.

What was the worst of her fears?


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Michelle Obama never hesitates to be herself and show her inner world, with fears and insecurities like any other person’s. So the woman shared that she was very frightened after the counselor’s comment.

I thought that I wasn’t good enough, that I couldn’t keep up and that others were smarter. I was one of those students who had to study and work at the same time … So I did not know if I could handle all that and study well. I was surrounded by students with so much money and so many privileges that I thought I would never fit.

Ignoring the enemy is the most effective solution


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With that story, the former first lady wanted to convey to all those young people who just entered university that you do not have to give up, you prove that you deserve better.

She said she was proud of everyone, because students did not listen to what people wanted them to believe in. They, like Michelle, had a hard way, but it was the way to success.

They did just the same, they ignored the enemies.

The final advice


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From all her life experiences, Michelle Obama confessed that the worst mistake that can be made is to let oneself be overcome by pride, and not ask for the support or help of those who can offer it. The full video of her speech:

Undoubtedly, Michelle is a great woman, and her words inspire not only African-American women but people all around the world and that makes her work much more important.

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