"I Have Lived With Two 12-Inch Metal Rods In My Back": Princess Eugenie Speaks Openly About Her Battle With Scoliosis


"I Have Lived With Two 12-Inch Metal Rods In My Back": Princess Eugenie Speaks Openly About Her Battle With Scoliosis

Princes Eugenie’s battle with scoliosis

It’s becoming more and more common for royals and other public figures to speak openly about their health issues. And that’s a good thing, to perceive them as normal, down-to-earth people, not superhumans. Princess Diana wasn’t shy to talk about her bulimia, and Prince Harry has spoken openly about being depressed after his mother’s untimely passing.

Another member of the British royal family who doesn’t try to hide her ailment is Princess Eugenie. She is a beautiful young lady who leads an active life, but it could have been impossible if she hadn’t gotten timely treatment for a condition affecting her back. The princess "could have become a hunchback," in her mother’s words, if she hadn’t had a surgery for scoliosis at the age of 12.


When Princess Eugenie was only 12, she underwent a seven-hour-long surgery to align her spine. The doctors initially expected the procedure to last an hour, but it turned out to be more complicated. The young princess was as scared as any little girl would be, but her parents, the Duke and Duchess of York, and her older sister, Princess Beatrice, were there to comfort and support her. Luckily, the surgery was a success, and the princess has been able to live her life to the fullest.

At a recent youth empowerment event, Eugenie spoke about her experience:

When I was 12, I was diagnosed with and treated for scoliosis and I have lived with two 12-inch metal rods in my back. It could have impacted my life and stopped me from doing the things I love.


Princess Beatrice was on stage with her, and Eugenie gave special thanks to her sister:

You encouraged me not to get disheartened. Not to give up. To live fearlessly.

The princess is simply grateful for her health and ability to do what she loves and support others. She said:

Today, I am so lucky to get to work with and support other young women who are going through the same thing… To encourage them to not let their diagnosis win. To live fearlessly too.


For a powerful conclusion, she added:

Never give up, find that tiny game inside you that gives you the belief you can change the world and you don’t have to face anything alone.

What is scoliosis and how common is it?

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Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine twists and curves to the side, according to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. It usually starts at a young age, between 10 and 15 years. About 4 in 1,000 children are affected by scoliosis.

Depending on degree of the condition and age of the affected child, scoliosis may need to be treated with a back brace or surgery. If not addressed in time, scoliosis may cause irreversible spinal misalignment.

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