I Got It From My Mama: Celine Dion's Cute Picture Of Her Sewing Is A Tribute To Loving Mom Thérèse


I Got It From My Mama: Celine Dion's Cute Picture Of Her Sewing Is A Tribute To Loving Mom Thérèse



Celebrity lives may look glamorous on camera, but every so often our favorite stars open the doors on what goes on behind the scenes. Last week, Canadian singer Celine Dion shared a photo of her stitching a rip in one of her thigh-high socks.


Thank you Mom, you taught me well… – Céline xx… . Merci Maman, tu m’as bien enseigné… -Céline xx… . 📸 @sydneylopez . #CelineDionLive2018

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The “My Heart Will Go On” singer also had a sweet note to her mother with the post, thanking for teaching her well. Who knew that Dion was as gifted with a needle as she is with a microphone? The secret is out!


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I would like to wish a very happy Mother’s Day to all moms. I hope you will enjoy this special day surrounded by the love of your children. As a girl, it’s the perfect day to express the affection and love I have for my mother. Good day everyone ! – Celine … xx

Dion and her mother Thérèse have enjoyed a healthy relationship over the years. Her mother has always been by her side, providing support in the best and worst moments. Earlier this year, she celebrated her mom who turned 91 with a special birthday post.


Again on Mother’s day, Dion showed the world how much she cared for her mama with another tear-jerking post, using the opportunity to also appreciate moms around the world.

Dion’s sewing post is still getting a lot of attention from her fans on social media, with many reminiscing their childhood and experiences they had with their own mothers and the delightful skills they learned from moms.

Managing three boys can be hard work for any mother but with skills like Dion’s, it is unlikely anyone will see her boys René-Charles, Nelson, or Eddy looking shabby. Sew on Dion, sew on!

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