"I Feel Like It's Very Correct": Kirsten Vangsness Reassures Fans 'Criminal Minds' Finale Will Be Satisfying


"I Feel Like It's Very Correct": Kirsten Vangsness Reassures Fans 'Criminal Minds' Finale Will Be Satisfying

Saddest news for Criminal Minds’ fans: the final season is finally here. We have mixed feelings because we are delighted to see season 15 after a long time, but we aren’t ready to say goodbye to our favorite characters.

Besides, people are freaking out over one twisted story: a love like between JJ and Spencer. Here’s a little spoiler: after almost dying in the first episode of season 15, she admits to Reid he’s her ‘first love’ but she can’t be with him because of husband Will and their boys. Heartbreaking, right?

Kirsten Vangsness on Criminal Minds

We thank God that Kirsten Vangsness’ character, Penelope Garcia, stayed till the very end. The actress proudly admitted that the TV series would be satisfying for everybody.

For me, as a person who loves these characters and loves what we’ve created, I feel like it’s very correct and makes sense and is in alignment to how things shaped out.

Vangsness also stated that she couldn’t imagine her life without her TV family.

… I just know I feel infinitely lucky that I got to be on this show and have this group of people that are like my family. They’re my logical family that I found … If you’ve got that kind of chemistry that’s just sitting there for anyone to look at, it’s impossible not to use it, and this was our last season.

The 47-year-old is extremely thankful for her character. It basically made her who she is right now, just like many other Criminal Minds’ characters for others.

Criminal Minds’ finale

In April 2019, Matthew Gray Gubler gave a candid interview to Parade, revealing that the finale would be “bittersweet.”

… We’re sad, of course, to see it go, but at the same time, I feel like we all really gave it our best, and we, hopefully, told some stories that made the world a little happier.

3 cool facts about Criminal Minds

  1. Dr. Reid never wears matching socks because Gubler reckons it brings unfortunate things into his life. In reality, Matthew also wears different ones.
  2. A.J. Cook’s own children are the ones who play her boys on the TV series.
  3. The name of the TV series was supposed to be ‘Quantico’ and not ‘Criminal Minds.’

That is really sad. We won’t get to see Reid saying a memoir of some criminal or Garcia keeping her ‘unicorn-like’ spirit with all the toys and support to others. We are going to miss Criminal Minds so much, especially after 15 years of watching. But what is more important is that actors put all their soul and heart into filming the perfect ending. So, let’s enjoy it!

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