‘I Am Blessed’: 108-Year-Old Man Cradles His Namesake Great-Great-Grandson For The First Time


‘I Am Blessed’: 108-Year-Old Man Cradles His Namesake Great-Great-Grandson For The First Time

Meet Canada’s oldest man! Mr. Esmond Allcock turned 108 on January 2018. Although he lives in a care home, he’s still sharp, has a Facebook page, likes to read, and is a baseball fan as well as bingo enthusiast. And he admires getting to know his many descendants.

Story of welcoming a new bundle of joy

Jenna Lehne is one of Allcock’s 26 great-grandchildren, and she loves her great-granddad very much. She believes she is extremely lucky to have him with her for 30 years, when most people do not even have memories of their great-grandfathers.

Jenna knew Mr. Esmond was upset that having 71 descendants, none of them was named for him. So, when she welcomed her second son, she decided to change that!

The little baby was born nearly 107 years after his great-great-grandpa. And Lehne was excited to introduce Mr. Esmond to his namesake. Unfortunately, due to age, he did not immediately recognize who Jenna was, but he was in love with the newest addition to the family.

Needless to say, Mr. Esmond was over the moon holding his great-great-grandson. And he got pretty emotional, repeating:

You don’t know what this means to me. I am blessed.

What he was also blessed with was his wife. Mr. Esmond believes that having a really good spouse is the key to his longevity. Sadly, his beloved died 7 years ago.

The video and pictures of Allcock holding his namesake went viral pretty fast. Internet users wished the man many more years to come and also didn’t miss an opportunity to share similar sweet pictures in Facebook comments.

Take a look at some of them:

No matter how old you are, it’s always wonderful to see your new addition to your family!

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