How To Refresh Your Appearance And Look: Top Hairstyle Ideas For Older Women


How To Refresh Your Appearance And Look: Top Hairstyle Ideas For Older Women

All women pay attention to their hair and are often desperate to find that one perfect haircut that would suit them best. It becomes especially important for women over 40 since their locks start to lose their young strength and start to fade. If you’re struggling to find a hairstyle that will return your youthful glow then look no further. We’ve looked into some beautiful options that can bring out any woman’s beauty.

Celebs choices for younger hairstyles

First, we want to turn our attention to celebrities who have dozens of stylists catering for their appearence. Get inspired by their choices, and maybe, you’ll see something that would suit you.

1. Soft waves

If you’ve seen Sandra Bullock in Ocean’s 8 (2018), then we bet you were amazed how great she looks. We couldn’t stop admiring her long and soft waves. They were stunning and very romantic, making Sandra look like a goddess she is. This hairstyle adds much needed volume and can make a face look softer.


2. Messy bob

This hairstyle has become an instant classic not only among the celebs. Victoria Beckham largely favors the messy bob, and we must say it makes her look even better now than when she was younger. This one is perfect for ladies who don’t have a lot of time to spend styling their hair but want to look elegant and get some volume going on.


3. Long and polished

Eva Longoria has always shined with her long hair. Even in her 40s, the Desperate Housewives star sticks to the same cut. The addition of layered locks around her face is especially flattering and can look good on anyone.


Best hairstyles for women in their 40s

Now, let’s look at more different options and usually don’t require a lot of maintenance.

1. Full and flirty

Prepare to see a lot of bobs on this list, as they are truly the best choice and fun to play around with. If you get a layered bob, you can do a lot of things with it. We like the soft curls, which you can create in different directions for more volume and fun definition.


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2. Edgy layered bob

This one is a bit more choppy and easier to maintain than the previous option. If you don’t want to go with curls try asking for choppy layers. 


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Публикация от Donny (@donnyandhair)

3. Full and soft bob

The next one is for a more romantic-looking bob. No layers are needed. If your hair is straight (or you’re not opposed to straightening it), this hairstyle will make you look very sweet and all around polished.


Colour | Cut by Dee 🍓

Публикация от Dee (@_dee.stylist_)

4. Voluminous longer bob with side bangs

Side bangs make your face look much softer and volume suits most women. If you’re blessed with full head of hair, go with this style and opt for a lengthier bob.


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5. Pixie cut

Pixie cut is a classic for 40-something women and not surprisingly. It’s easy to maintain, gives you a fun edge, and looks amazing. You can do a more razor cut for the extra stylish effect.


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6. Long haircut with face-framing layers

And now, for the lovers of long hairstyles, the best way to go is to ask for layered locks around the face, just like Eva Longoria prefers to do.


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Flattering hair colors

Lastly, let’s take a step further and enhance the look even more with some color. Let’s look at shades, which can help you look younger.

1. Soft golden blonde


2.  Golden blonde with platinum highlights


Happy Friday ❄️

Публикация от Beyond Veneer by Cherina Capri (@beyondveneer)

3. Balayage


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Публикация от Georgia Grice (@hair_bygeorgiagricex)

We hope these options will inspire you to make a change and find a hairstyle that would look stunning on you.

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