How To Care For Peace Lilies: 7 Essential Tricks And Tips For Happy Houseplants


How To Care For Peace Lilies: 7 Essential Tricks And Tips For Happy Houseplants

If you’re looking for simple yet useful tips on how to care for your peace lilies, you’ve come to the right place.

Peace lilies are one of the most common indoor plants and for good reason, as these houseplants with long, dark green leaves and white flowers are the true miracles of nature.

These houseplants are easy to grow, but you should remember several important things if you want your peace lily to be healthy and happy.

Incredible tips and tricks to care for peace lilies

Peace lilies normally produce white flowers in the summer and they may continue to bloom during the year. But there is one secret of flowering you shouldn’t miss.

Here are seven tips and tricks to care for peace lilies:

  1. Choose a good potting soil, always use a well-draining potting mixture. Your peace lily will appreciate refreshed soil, so don’t forget to repot your houseplant annually. The best time for repotting a peace lily is spring.
  2. Watering is important. Keep the soil moist but do not overwater. Water when the soil is almost dry and use only room-temperature water.
  3. Peace lilies love warm temperatures. Keep these plants in temperatures above 65°F and protect them away from cold, drafty windows.
  4. Keep these houseplants in a well-lit area, but avoid direct sunlight as it may dry out the plant. If you have an east-facing window, it is the best place for your peace lily plant.
  5. Peace lilies like high humidity. You may mist their leaves from time to time or use a humidifier.
  6. No chemicals! Peace lilies don’t enjoy chemicals in tap water, so if it is possible, use filtered water.
  7. Fertilize cautiously. In most cases, peace lilies don’t require additional fertilizers. If you want to help your plant grow healthy, use fertilizer during the spring and summer. Don’t fertilize too often: use a balanced fertilizer only once per month.

Bonus tip: what to do if flowers aren’t appearing

When peace lilies don’t get enough light, the flowers may not appear. Move the houseplant to a brighter place, where it will receive enough indirect light to promote flowering.

According to NASA studies, peace lilies improve the indoor air quality, as these plants can help remove formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. What can be better!

Peace lilies are toxic

Be careful, all parts of the peace lily plant contain a substance that is poisonous. It may result in respiratory and stomach irritation when ingested. Keep your peace lilies out of reach of children and pets.

How To Care For Peace Lilies: 7 Essential Tricks And Tips For Happy Houseplantszossia /

Happy peace lilies can produce bloom after bloom with these simple tips.

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