How The Comedy Helped Ellen DeGeneres Build A Beautiful Relationship With Her Mother Betty


How The Comedy Helped Ellen DeGeneres Build A Beautiful Relationship With Her Mother Betty

Ellen DeGeneres has held the world spellbound for decades now with her easy charm and humor. Her larger than life persona makes it easy to forget that she is a regular individual.


Ellen DeGeneres’ mom

This is no fault of Ellen’s though. She is known to be one of the most humble celebrities out there, and she talks about her personal life.


But, while Ellen often includes tidbits about her life with Portia De Rossi, not much is known about her mom, Betty DeGeneres.


Betty is known for her work as an activist for the LGBT community. She is also an author.

Their relationship

Before she came on board in full support of her daughter’s sexuality, she had first resisted the idea when the comedian came out to her.


Both mother and daughter share a beautiful relationship now.


Ellen has said in the past that when her parents got divorced, she helped her mother cope with the realities of a painful separation by making her laugh.

Ellen revealed that this was when she realized her potential as a comedian.


The mother and daughter have since gone on to share many memorable moments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Ellen’s father’s death

The comedian lost her father, Elliott DeGeneres, in January this year at the age of 92. When she shared news of his death on her show, she said he was a kind man who lived his life exactly as he wanted. 

Ellen said she and her father had spoken 10 mins before he passed on.

The comedian seems to have handled the loss quite well, and she continues to dedicate herself to her fans.

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