How Netizens Reacted To Brooklyn Beckham And Hana Cross’ Argument At Cannes


How Netizens Reacted To Brooklyn Beckham And Hana Cross’ Argument At Cannes

Beautiful romantic relationships in celebrity families always leave pleasant impressions, making you want to imitate them and follow their example. Until recently, 20-year-old Brooklyn Beckham and 21-year-old Hana Cross were such a couple.

The son of the famous Beckham spouses has begun to appear in public with his beloved gorgeous model since December 2018. Since Brooklyn is passionate about photography, his Instagram account is regularly updated with various photos.

Young people prefer the same grunge style in clothes – creative coarse shoes, ripped jeans, and T-shirts. And it makes them even closer. The girl entered the Beckhams family quite swiftly, often spending time with them.

However, 4 months later, it was reported about the argument between Brooklyn and Hana at the doors of one of the shopping centers in Los Angeles, where they were caught by the paparazzi. Internet users reacted immediately:


Just a little parasite with neither talent nor looks, but with his parents’ name and money.


It really isn’t healthy for those kids just to live off the bank of Dad.  It will end in tears…

@Jed Hawkins:

Ooooh… mummy… I’ve been told off, what shall I do … Oh mummy, please help me…

Later there were rumors that young people caused a scandal at the Cannes Film Festival, which caused the security to interfere and end the quarrel between the couple.

The internet reaction was mostly negative:

@Judge John Deed:

The couple’s arguments seem to center around Brooklyn’s image as a Beckham and his volatile jealousy.


He is living that kind of lifestyle only because of his surname, without that he is just a nobody and wouldn’t even get close to any models who only want to be seen with him to only benefit their own modeling career.


I don’t know what Brooklyn has ever done that is famous.  It seems he lives off the fame of his parents to get him into Posh Parties.  Maybe he needs to work hard for a living, and it should alter his perspective.

@Sugar Puff:

Privileged but still not happy.

@simon mccarthy:

He seems quite dysfunctional.

@john entwistle:

All youngsters, no matter rich or poor, need to understand the value of money. Giving them everything is no good. Brooklyn probably has his own source of money, but can’t help thinking he has had everything handed to him on a plate.

A source close to Hana reported to The Sun that Victoria and David Beckham were informed about the Cannes’ incident, and they are concerned about the “toxic relationship” between the son and the model.

Do you think youth and impulsiveness can cause such explosive behavior of young people? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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