How Can You Bio-Hack Your Way Through Stress? ASMR Is A Smart Strategy To Help You Find Relaxation And Relief


How Can You Bio-Hack Your Way Through Stress? ASMR Is A Smart Strategy To Help You Find Relaxation And Relief


The words, ‘I’m stressed’ is probably one of the most uttered statements by adults who face stress from most areas of their lives such as work, relationships, and sometimes, the sweet dreams that turn into nightmares. For scientists, cortisol, the hormone that causes stress, is to blame for most problems in society as it is considered ‘public enemy number one!’

Studies have shown that cortisol is linked to various issues that include lower immune functions, increased weight gain, heart disease, depression, mental illness, and blood pressure, among others, that create significant personal and social challenges. 

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This video by Seeker explains some of these effects in more detail, showing that cortisol is indeed more threatening to our lives in ways that can even lead to premature death.

However, did you know that there is a way around cortisol that can help you to effectively manage your stress and reduce its negative impacts?

Bio-hack stress using ASMR

Well, while stress is definitely unavoidable, there are several ingenious ways through which you can reduce the negative impacts and realize better psychological health. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) triggers are a revolutionary bio-hacking strategy that have generated positive relaxation outcomes.

ASMR refers to the relaxing ‘brain tingles’ that some people develop when experiencing (watching) some triggers such as slow hand movements, tapping, and whispering. These triggers or videos showing them are essentially used to create positive effects for people who experience ‘brain orgasms’ or ‘tingles’ that bring forth relaxation and calmness.

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In a University of Sheffield study, the psychological benefits of ASMR are notable as exposure to the triggers play a critical role in the reduction of heart rates in people. However, researchers found that not everyone experiences these brain tingles and it’s harder for others to experience pleasant outcomes from watching ASMR videos.

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Did you experience brain tingles after watching the two videos above? If you did, then such videos might help you find relaxation and experience reduced levels of stress.

Here is another video that can help you to reduce stress and find therapy for deep psychologically-rooted experiences.

Did you notice how Gibi ASMR whispers as how she taps the container really lightly? Did you find it relaxing? For most ASMR fans, the videos play critical roles in their lives every day as these help them to find relaxation and sleep.

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Aside from the tingling sensations, the study also showed that ASMR participants also reported increased levels of excitement and calmness, and a reduction in their sadness and stress levels.

The verdict on ASMR is still out

However, while the study helped to provide critical insight into ASMR as a bio-hacking strategy with great psychological outcomes, opinions are still split on its impacts.

So, what do you think about ASMR videos? Are they calming and relaxing for you? 

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