Hidden 'T' Among 'Ls': Where Is An Odd Letter?


Hidden 'T' Among 'Ls': Where Is An Odd Letter?

Do you like puzzles, brain teasers, and other similar stuff? Not only can they give you something entertaining to do, it can also make your brain respond faster. Then, let’s test how good you are at finding something hidden.

This puzzle below is a mystery to many. People have been struggling to find out where the hidden ‘T’ is in this collection of different colored ‘Ls’. How quick can you find the ‘T’? Are you having some difficulty there?


Okay, so let us help you. Here’s the clue: It is NOT A RED LETTER.

Still having trouble finding the ‘T’, despite the clue we gave you? Hmmm.

Valua Vitaly /

What you are experiencing right now is probably because we gave you the clue that the hidden T is not a red letter. Wait, what? Uh-huh. Science backs this up.

According to scientists, knowing what NOT to look for will absolutely slow down your reaction at first when trying to find what’s hidden. Wow.

But when you do this over and over, the response changes. This was proven in a study by Johns Hopkins University, wherein the participants were instructed to ignore one specific color. Then, after doing 100 trials, they were able to observe that the participants were able to find the target letters much easier and much faster than before compared to those who were not instructed to eliminate a certain color.

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This study proves that the more we ignore information, the more we are likely to find what we need to look for. Such skill is applicable for radiologists and airport baggage screeners who use their eyes and searching abilities to carry out their tasks.

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The ability to ignore information is a key skill to confidently maneuver in the flow of information, researchers believe.

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