Her Smile Was Chosen As The Best In The Universe, And It’s Difficult To Argue


Her Smile Was Chosen As The Best In The Universe, And It’s Difficult To Argue

While women from all over the world feel excited about their career progress or motherhood, others feel the same about taking part in various competitions. Recently, the world chose the woman with the most charming smile, and the winner was really worth it. Well, her appealing look and immaculate face make it difficult to argue with the jury.

What is "Smile Universe"?

It is an international event that is held every year. Its goal isn’t only to choose the most beautiful girl, but also to strengthen friendships between people from different corners of the planet and encourage everybody to be kind and not stop smiling. Any woman aged 23-45 can take part in the beauty contest. The only requirement is being married and having at least one child.

So, please welcome, Elena – the winner of Smile Universe 2019. Her daughter must be really proud of her. The 28-year-old Russian beauty won the title, overtaking rivals from UK, US, and several Asian countries. Elena received her deserved gifts from the authorities, as well as the opportunity to become a part of the jury next year.

By the way, this isn’t Elena’s first victory. She has already obtained several other titles such as “Mom of the Year 2015,” “Miss Commonwealth 2017,” and “Miss Charm 2018”. In addition, Elena has a law degree. Nevertheless, her main passion is giving makeup lessons and a personal blogwriting. Apart from that, Elena spends most of her time together with her beloved daughter and spouse.

Do you like Elena’s smile? Do you think her victory is well-deserved? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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