Heather Menzies-Urich: The Actress Who Played Louisa In 'The Sound Of Music' Died At 68


Heather Menzies-Urich: The Actress Who Played Louisa In 'The Sound Of Music' Died At 68

If you want to remember Heather Menzies-Urich, you can recall her for a notable role in The Sound of Music film. Sadly, Heather recently passed away but left behind a legacy in both Hollywood and as a cancer advocate.


Death, details, and reason

On Christmas Eve, the actress died at her home in Frankford, Ontario. Her son, Ryan Urich, said that friends and family were present with 68-year-old star at the time of her passing.


According to his statement, Ryan said:

She was an actress, a ballerina and loved living her life to the fullest. She was not in any pain but, nearly four weeks after her diagnosis of terminal brain cancer, she had enough and took her last breath on this earth at 7:22 p.m.

Her husband and cancer foundation

Heather Menzies-Urich was the widow of Robert Urich, an actor whom she met in the 70s while filming a Libby’s Corned Beef Hash commercial and married to in 1975. Robert, a film producer and star of the Vegas TV crime-drama, sadly died of cancer in 2002.

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Heather Menzies-Urich, following her husband’s death, founded The Robert Urich Foundation to raise money for cancer research and facilitate support for cancer patients; an endeavor that she devoted her time to during last years of her life.

Her part in the Academy Award-winning SOM

Born in Toronto in 1949, Heather moved to California with her family where she was then cast in The Sound of Music. Prior to that, she made her debut on screen in 1964 in the TV series, “The Farmer’s Daughter”

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Heather went on to feature in films and TV after the landmark The Sound of Music.

Kym Karath, who played the youngest von Trapp, tweeted with emotion,

A recent statement by Ted Chaplin, the president and chief creative officer of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization, states:

Heather was part of ‘the family.’ There is really no other way to describe the members of the cast of the movie of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. And of ‘the kids,’ Heather was a cheerful and positive member of the group, always hoping for the next gathering. We are all lucky to have known her, and she will happily live on in that beautiful movie. We will miss her.

On the other hand, Nicholas Hammond who played the role of von Trapp (Heather’s father in The Sound of Music) shared a post about her saying:

We extend our condolences to the family and hope that God will give them the fortitude to bear this loss.

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