Heath Ledger's New Documentary: His Friend Unveils All Rumors About The Actor's Last Role As Joker, And His Subsequent Death


Heath Ledger's New Documentary: His Friend Unveils All Rumors About The Actor's Last Role As Joker, And His Subsequent Death



N’fa Forster-Jones decided to unveil all rumors and conspiracy theories around his childhood friend and opted for making a brand-new documentary about Heath’s life. The musician simply got sick of the unjustified slander against the actor and used the sources from private Ledger’s video collection that nobody had ever seen before.


Brilliant actor

Heath Ledger was a unique actor. His passion towards filming was clearly seen as he transformed into the movie characters. From Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain to Joker in The Dark Knight – he didn’t simply play in the films; he lived with the role.

His unfortunate death in 2008, due to intoxication from prescription drugs, was incredibly unexpected. People were shocked, and in order to tribute the life of the deceased actor, numerous documentaries were beginning to be filmed. However, they never revealed the complete truth about Heath Ledger.


New documentary

His childhood friend N’fa Forster-Jones waited long enough before his annoyance reached the top. The facts about Ledger that were highlighted in the documentaries were perverted and didn’t reveal the actor’s life. Thus, the musician decided to make another, brand-new film about his kindergarten friend:

You can take a documentary in a lot of ways. I’m sure people will try to make other ones, try to make things all dark and leery and stuff, but you know, that’s just weird people.


Forster-Jones used the video materials from Ledge’s private collection and shared the details of their friendship. People knew hardly anything about Heath’s life, but with the new film the previously unknown facts brought some light to the actor’s life ten years after his death:

He’d talk to me about all these crappy soapy roles he was being offered, and how hungry he was, and crashing parties where he knew there would be free food and drink. He knew how to have fun.

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One of the key parts of the film was the one where N’fa talked about the connection of Ledge’s Joker role and the subsequent death.


People spoke that it was a burden for Heath to play the antagonist but the musician told completely different:

I was hanging out with him between takes … We had lunch and he’d go, ‘Man, I got the s… kicked out of me today by Batman, it was awesome’. It’s not like he was walking around being all dark all day. He was just being him, and when it was time, it was time.

Ledge’s legacy

Heath Ledger didn’t leave this world without the legacy. His 12-year-old daughter, Matilda, is living her life together with actor’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Williams. The kid bears an incredible resemblance to the father and says to miss the dad greatly.

So do we; Heath Ledger was a unique person and a stunning actor. We will never forget his magnificent personality.

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