Heartbreaking! Baby Dies In A Hot Car After Dad Forgot To Drop Her Off At Daycare


Heartbreaking! Baby Dies In A Hot Car After Dad Forgot To Drop Her Off At Daycare

A 7-month-old child has been pronounced dead after she was forgotten in the vehicle by her father. 

A tragic incident

Police in South Texas confirmed the death of a baby who was left in a parked car. According to the report, the father apparently forgot to drop her off at daycare before going to work. 

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The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday, and it was reported that temperature was as high as 100 degrees that day. 

The Eagle Pass police said the dad had parked his car at the local school where he worked as a teacher. The emergency services responded to a call from the scene around 4:40 pm.

When they arrived, they immediately transported the girl to the nearby hospital. Unfortunately, she did not make it. The Police Department stated:

It had been determined the child had been left in a vehicle within the school parking lot for an undetermined amount of time.

The death has been ruled an accident.

A similar tragedy

Last year, Leanna Taylor suffered a devastating loss when her little boy died after being left in a hot car.

In an interview, she opened up about how that experience changed her, including dealing with hateful words from people who did not think she deserved any sympathy. 

"It’s hard enough to lose your child," she said adding, "it felt like a bad dream."

How to prevent this terrible ordeal from happening to you

There have been several instances and stories about kids being accidentally forgotten in cars. Usually, this happens when a family deviates from their usual routine (for instance, if dad takes the kid to daycare instead of mom).

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But there are a few things you can do to prevent this from being your story:

  • Keep something significant you routinely carry with you (like a handbag) in the back seat with the baby. This way, you always know something is missing.
  • Develop the habit of always checking your car before you leave. 
  • Leave a diaper bag or stuffed toy in the front seat. You’re more likely to notice something baby-related in the front seat when you’re leaving your car.
  • Place your child in the middle of the back seat rather than directly behind the driver’s seat. This means you spot him every time you look in the rearview mirror.
  • Be extra alert on days your routine changes. 

It’s easy to blame the parents when people hear stories like this. But sadly, accidents do happen, and we just need to try our best to keep them from being so earth-shattering.

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