Healing Music: Glen Campbell's Children Pay A Touching Tribute To Their Late Father With The Thing He Adored The Most


Healing Music: Glen Campbell's Children Pay A Touching Tribute To Their Late Father With The Thing He Adored The Most

Debby Campbell opened up about her feelings concerning father’s death and paid a touching tribute to him in the latest album, dedicated to Glen’s fight with Alzheimer’s.



Glen Campbell had always had the best companion. His daughter Debby was singing there for him during 24 years, until in 2011 the American actor was diagnosed with an unpleasant condition – Alzheimer’s. At that time, Glen was living with Debby’s stepmother who initiated the transfer to the medical establishment as both were exhausted:

No one was getting any sleep, and we were just struggling every second to keep him safe – we felt like it wasn’t safe anymore.

Debby was desperate. Even though she struggled with her feelings to take the father home, she couldn’t afford it. Every time she would leave, Glen asked in a frustrated manner why he couldn’t go with her:

What can I say to him? He won’t remember in two minutes what I say to him, but it just breaks my heart.

Debby’s honoring

Debby stopped singing in 2011. She didn’t care much about her voice, as she thought it was over. However, in 2016, a friend of hers, producer Bobby Wilson, made her try one more time and see what might happen.

Debby didn’t hope she would succeed, but both she and her producer liked her voice. Since then, her aim was strictly defined:

I was visiting dad in the Alzheimer’s place. But I just wanted to make a CD that had everything to do with dad and me. That’s what I did.

Twelve iconic songs were included in the album. More than two years were spent on recording. The things were almost finished when in August 2017, Glen unexpectedly died. Debby could go on recording, so she avoided visiting the studio for some time. Finally, she reconsidered the importance of the album and marked her dad’s birthday (April 22) with the long-awaited release.

Tribute from Ashley

Not only Debby had hard times losing her father. Her sister Ashley has recently released her debut album, "The Lonely One," tributing her deceased father.


She recalled the sharp pain that pursued her for a long time and finally left her with the album’s release. Well, if Glen was still with us, he would be happy the caring family was still with him. Rest in peace, Campbell. Your voice will always be with us.


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