Have A Hard Luck? 7 “Sins” That Losers Commit During Weekends


Have A Hard Luck? 7 “Sins” That Losers Commit During Weekends

If you think that success is achieved by hard work alone – you’re wrong. Accomplished people also know how to properly relax. We prepared 7 typical mistakes made by workaholics.

1. Checking emails and looking at team chats

It’s important to recover during the weekend and start the week freshly energized. You should be motivated. Day-off time makes you a better employee than when you work without pauses.

You can read books and reflect on your work while you enjoy the weekend.

Workaholics often check their email for no reason, they write messages in team chat and even try to finish their work during the weekend. On Monday, they come in office tired and exhausted.

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2. No planned weekends

Losers never plan their weekends. They wake up in the morning and do trivial stuff all day. On Sunday, they might think about what they want to do.

Successful people plan their downtime in order to enjoy it as much as possible.

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3. Staying at home

Idling at home is never fun. Even a 2-day holiday in another city or going the nature can help take our minds off of work and have a proper rest. Have no opportunity or the will to do so? In this case, instead of watching TV in the evening you can just go for a walk.

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4. Wasting money

Losers often spend their money on useless stuff. It’s the same problem as bad planning. Pay attention to local events that are free.

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5. Wasting time on social media platforms

Instead of enjoying life, losers spend it on monitoring other people’s news. Put your phone away. Successful people don’t live in the virtual world.

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6. Waking up late 

It’s essential to get enough sleep, but no successful people can afford sleeping late in the mornings. The most productive hours for your brain are 3-4 hours after you awaken. Wake up earlier on your weekends and you will always be a leader among your competitors.

Also, napping can break your sleeping schedule and you will feel groggy and tired.

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7. No sporty activities

Successful people train not only their mind but also their bodies. That’s why sports are a great activity for the weekends. It’s quite useful for our emotions as well.

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Make sure to spend your day-off time with your children as Elon Musk does. Engage in hobbies like Sergey Brin. Or you relax like Bill Gates: just meditating and thinking.

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