Happiest Family-Of-Eight: Kirk Cameron & Chelsea Noble Have 6 Kids, 4 Of Which Are Adopted


Happiest Family-Of-Eight: Kirk Cameron & Chelsea Noble Have 6 Kids, 4 Of Which Are Adopted

Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea Noble, became smitten for the very first time on the set of the movie, Full House. More interestingly, the two first met when they played the characters-in-love in the American sitcom titled Growing Pains.

After four years of the romance, Cameron and Noble joyously tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. The actor adores his wife so much that he even refused to kiss another woman on the set of Fireproof, so the filmmakers asked Chelsea to dress as a female character and shot the scene in the silhouette. How adorable is it?

Chelsea Noble & Kirk Cameron’s children

Five years after the marriage, Cameron and Noble decided to adopt their first-ever child, Jack. Sooner, the couple also took three others, Isabella, Anna, and Luke.

Despite the four adopted kids, Chelsea and Kirk also welcomed two biological children, daughter Olivia and son James.

The elated parents are so happy with their offspring that the actor even doesn’t remember who’s adopted and who’s not. Kirk stated:

They’re just my kids. Literally, I forget who’s adopted and who’s not. It really doesn’t seem like that. They’re my kids, I’m their dad and Chelsea’s their mom. It’s just a great, wonderful way to not only have a family yourself but meet a real need in the lives of so many of these orphans.

Having six children under one roof can be a lot, but it’s actually full of fun, delight, and appreciation. What’s more important is that Chelsea Noble and Kirk Cameron treat each of their kids equally.

Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble on their family

  • Noble and her brother were also adopted, so she’s always had a passion for adoption and helping those who need a family.
  • Kirk and Chelsea adopted kids first so they would not think like they were a second choice.
  • They are happy to have a diverse and large family.

Growin’ up as a Cameron

In April 2019, Chelsea and Kirk’s oldest daughter, Iseballa ‘Bella’ Cameron was talking about growing up in a family and about the importance of their special bond.

In a short video, the 22-year-old said that she had always valued and loved how significant a family had been to her parents. Bella added that Kirk had done everything to show to his family that it always comes first. See the actor’s teary reaction below at about 1:53!

We agree with the Camerons — a family is always a priority. We never choose our parents, and we never choose our kids, but what we need to do is to accept everyone as they are and try to build a secure and friendly bond. Having a loving and caring family beside is one of God’s blessings in this world, and we admittedly should be grateful for it forever.

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