Grandson Surprised Grandpa By Restoring His Car For His 81st Birthday


Grandson Surprised Grandpa By Restoring His Car For His 81st Birthday

It is always so heartwarming to see grandkids being grateful for their grandparents. However, the gift Cam Dedman gave to his grandpa for his 81st birthday can easily be a new record.

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1957 Chevy Bel Air

Over the years, the 57′ Chevy has become an icon among cars having been portrayed many times in movies and television. As an undeniable sign of the American car industry, the 57′ Chevy is often the being restored and modified to preserve the uniqueness an beauty of this well-known model.

May not look like much to others but I love this car. #Papas57 #groundPounder #cruiser

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Fred Lamar, Cam’s grandpa, has had one since the ’50s. However, the car had been left in the garage since 1976 and hadn’t been moved until Cam decided to give it a new life. He had his work cut out for him, but being a skilled mechanic and with great love for his grandpa, he must’ve known that this project was going to go great.

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Put a smile on Grandpa’s face.

Cam started his work on the car a year ago without his grandfather even knowing what he was up to. "My best friend," as Cam calls his grandfather, certainly deserved to have the memories of the car in which he drove his children to come back to him. There was a lot that needed to be done, and Cam posted photos of the ongoing work on his Instagram.

Went ahead and decided to do a full frame off restoration for Papas 57. No he still doesn’t know I’m doing all this. #papas57

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My grandpa is gonna flip out when he sees this car. It’ll be the Nicest build I’ve done to date. #papas57

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Everything was replaced and renewed, the body, the engine, and he even gave the car a new hot-rod look.

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The perfect surprise

The entire family went to a parking lot with the grandpa blindfolded to give him probably the best birthday present ever. Grandpa Fred couldn’t hold back his tears of joy in the heartwarming moment, and all he could do was give his loving grandson a big hug. You can see the touching video below, but be warned, it could melt your heart.

We are not the only ones who were touched by this incredible feat as people wrote many support messages on Facebook. Here are just some of the comments that show how people recognize real family values.

Cam has since added that he and grandpa will plan on going to hot-rod shows together and we wish them a lot of fun on their future trips together.

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