Gone Bankrupt? Kim Kardashian Published An Unusual Photo In A Middle Class Kitchen


Gone Bankrupt? Kim Kardashian Published An Unusual Photo In A Middle Class Kitchen

Social networks are great at distorting reality. It’s hard to imagine someone posting a photo on Instagram that wouldn’t represent the person’s best qualities. People share only those pictures that are worth showing to the entire world.

It would seem that celebrities should have no similar problems with this because they have everything – a luxurious life like that of a fairy tale. But the most attentive ones can make certain conclusions by analyzing some photos. Kim Kardashian’s capital is estimated at $350 million. There is only one richer person in the Kardashian-Jenner family – Kylie with more than $900 million.

With this in mind, it is strange to see Kim posting a photo with her husband in a regular kitchen at breakfast. In the photo, they seem to pretend to be poor. However, as it soon turns out, this isn’t their apartment.

Why did they do it? For some reason, Kim published this particular photo from 2017. Now, she is accused of attracting middle-class people to buying her products.

In fact, this photo session took place in 2017 in the recording studio of Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Malibu. Apparently, this means the wealthy couple actually paid to look like ordinary people! What a manipulative move!

By the way, Kim isn’t the only celebrity who does this. For example, Justin and Hailey Bieber, whose capital is estimated at $265 million and $2 million, also posted photos in a similar style.

One thing is clear: these celebrities see the point in behaving like this. However, they will get hardly any praise from the fans, because the most important thing is honesty and the ability to be who you really are, and not pretend to be someone different.

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