Golden Globes 2018: These Stars Chose Emeralds Over Diamonds. What Is The Reason?


Golden Globes 2018: These Stars Chose Emeralds Over Diamonds. What Is The Reason?

It is a tradition for women to wear diamonds as their jewel during numerous events, especially in Hollywood. This year, however, at the Golden Globes, some Hollywood stars went in a whole different direction. They chose to wear emeralds instead. So, what is it about emeralds?

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Zoe Kravitz

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Debra Messing

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All roads-and eyeshadow-lead to Emeralds. #jewelrylove #GoldenGlobes #Greenlover

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Seth Meyers and his wife

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Coincidence or not?

Emeralds trace different histories depending on what part of the world they are discovered or used. Indian mythology translates the word emerald from the Sanskrit ‘marakta’, meaning “the green of growing things.” In Latin, the word for emerald is ‘smaragdus’.

Aristotle once wrote that owning a gemstone would bring favor to the owner and make him or her more favored. Ancient Egyptians believed that the emerald was a symbol of fertility and rebirth.

Other celebrities have been known to wear emeralds in the past. Princess Diana was photographed wearing the Spencer Diamond Tiara, Queen Mary’s Cabochon emerald, and diamond choker necklace.

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Actress Angelina Jolie also wore emeralds at the 81st Annual Academy Awards in 2009.

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What they mean now

For the stars who opted for emeralds instead of diamonds this year, these gems represent a new hope and a healthy as well as positive future. This is coming in the wake of the Weinstein revelations that rocked the entertainment world over the past months.

The emerald wearing stars are not starting a campaign of their own (at least they have not indicated that they are). But the subtle messaging is undeniable.

These fabulous ladies all showed up in pretty black numbers like their colleagues and were also outspoken about the theme for the evening.

The movement against sexual harassment continues to gain ground even after the Golden Globes as more women and men come forward. We cannot tell how long the purge will last. Still, the spirit of comradery shown by Hollywood is a step in the right direction.

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