Girl With An Unusual "Bag On Her Stomach" Learned To Love Herself And Inspire Others By Her Example


Girl With An Unusual "Bag On Her Stomach" Learned To Love Herself And Inspire Others By Her Example

In order to understand the value of their existence and learn to enjoy every day, some people need serious shake-ups in their lives. They begin to appreciate what they have lost only when the worst is over. For Charlotte Twinley from Arundel (Sussex), everything was exactly the opposite – she learned to be grateful for every living day since childhood. Even just eating her favorite pasta was a real achievement for her!

The girl began to experience serious problems with digestion when she was 10, suffering from severe pain. As it turned out, her body couldn’t digest food, so Charlotte had to switch to liquid food. Later, she was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (a disease of the connective tissue, “hyper-elasticity of the skin”), which mostly affected the joints and her digestive system.

A special diet and limit on food intake led to significant weight loss. Something had to be done. Charlotte had to implant a stoma (an artificial hole that creates a connection between the cavity of any organ and the environment). Now she can eat solid food again.

Charlotte is 21 years old now, and she is learning to love her body again with her ostomy bag out. Knowing how her life has changed with this “bag,” she supports other people with similar problems.

She has a popular Instagram blog, where she shares her photos at different moments in life, describing her days with an ostomy bag:

I absolutely love it!😍

The girl definitely deserves respect for her determination and cheerfulness regardless of all her problems! Love your life the way it is and learn to enjoy every day.

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