Girl Was Born Without Hands But Learned To Play Piano, Drive A Car, And Even Fly A Plane


Girl Was Born Without Hands But Learned To Play Piano, Drive A Car, And Even Fly A Plane

Some people are sure they won’t be able to succeed in any business due to lack of time, certain possibilities, or merely self-confidence. However, there are people who have proven that even the absence of limbs isn’t a reason to stop a strong-willed person from achieving their goals.

That is what can be said about our heroine of today, 32-year-old Jessica Cox. The girl was born without arms, yet still grew up as a very active and athletic child. Even as a kid she became interested in swimming, dancing, and gymnastics.

At first, Jessica wore artificial limbs, but at 14 she refused them to learn how to do everything with her legs. At the same age, Cox received a black belt in taekwondo.

Now Jessica does everything with her legs: she puts in contact lenses, dials messages on the phone, and even plays piano. And that’s not all! The girl learned to drive a car and even fly a plane.

It took three years, three different airplanes, three instructors, 80 hours of flying in three states, and I was a certified pilot.

In 2012, Jessica married Patrick Chamberlain, whom she met during taekwondo classes.

Due to the lack of hands, many people considered her disabled, but Cox proved that her problem couldn’t prevent her from living a normal life.

By the way, Jessica isn’t the only one who has achieved impressive success, despite the lack of limbs. Achmad Dzulkarnain from Indonesia was born not only without arms, but also without legs, but this didn’t prevent him from becoming a sought-after photographer, famous for his works across the internet.

These people continue reminding us all that a disability isn’t an obstacle on the way to a dreamed goal!

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