Giant Rabbits Cannot Become The New Pet Trend, Can They?


Giant Rabbits Cannot Become The New Pet Trend, Can They?

Do you like fluffy, tender rabbits? Maybe you wanted one back in your childhood?


Rabbits are cool!

Rabbits have been really popular throughout many decades: Lola Bunny, Roger Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, etc. Bugs Bunny even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Although the characters are indubitably fictional, their sizes actually are quite realistic. How is this even possible?


Giant rabbits? What?

Recently, we noticed a few pictures on social media, which left us completely speechless. A guy shows us his pet, the Flemish Giant rabbit, which is so huge that is looks photoshopped. The rabbit looks more like a vicious hunter than a fluffy domestic pet. Can you imagine having this kind of pet in your house with your children?

MarielaVIRALES / YouTube

The owner proves that it’s not a photoshop by publishing the video on Youtube:

Why did you do this, Europe?

We did a research and found out that it is a special breed of domestic rabbits. The Flemish Giant rabbit is considered to be the largest of the species. These rabbits were bred in the 16th century in Belgium, Europe. Flemish giants are usually bred for fur and meat. However, due to the breed’s docile and patient nature, they can be kept as pets. They weigh approx. 16 lb on average, and are typically 4 feet long.


Although the Flemish Giant rabbits might look scary, they are actually pretty calm and harmless if handled properly. The only problem is that they require a bigger living place and more food than the smaller breeds of domestic rabbits.

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