Functional Keys As An Easy Way To Speed Up Your Working Process


Functional Keys As An Easy Way To Speed Up Your Working Process

It is so much productive to learn the use of functional buttons that ignoring these small helpers is be a real blasphemy.


Making it easy.

Modern people spend a lot of time on the computer, but not everyone can boast with the sufficient knowledge of their electronic "friend."


For example, how often do you use the F1-F12 keys? For you to know, they can greatly simplify the user’s working (and not only) process. Anyway, let’s jump into the most interesting part and find out what miracles can you do with the help of these 12 small magicians.

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Helpful F-riends

F1 button

The tandem of "Windows" and F1 buttons will open the help section. This will be quite useful in the situations where something went wrong. If you press F1 with an open Excel or Word document, it will open or hide the editor’s panel.

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F2 button

This button can quickly change the object’s name. Just select the desired item and click the button – you will immediately see the cursor ready to type a new name.

F3 button

With F3 you can open the search menu in any folder. The combination of Shift and F3 will change the case in the selected text area. For example, when the typed text was accidentally written using the Caps Lock function, surely, you do not want to reprint the finished text. To fix the error, you need to select a section of the clumsy text and press Shift+F3 – after that, all the uppercase letters will become lowercase.

F4 button

Any active window, whether it is a browser or a text editor, can be closed with the combination of Alt and F4. Apart from that, if you click F4 when the folder is open, the mouse cursor will jump to the address bar, which will help you move from one folder to another in just a few seconds.

F5 button

The main responsibility of this key is to update the browser page, activate the search, replace the items, and start a slideshow in PowerPoint.

F6 button

The combination of keys Ctrl and F6 will allow you to switch between the open Word documents promptly. Moreover, F6 will be very useful for video game fans: a quick click will instantly save the game.

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F7 button

With the help of Alt and F7 in the Word text editor, you can activate the spell check function. The tandem of Shift and F7, again in the same editor, you will launch the thesaurus.

F8 button

If you click on the button while the computer is restarting, you can enable safe mode, which will save all the files on your computer in case something went wrong during the setup process.

F9 button

Another valuable button for gamers ­– it helps to quickly launch the last saved checkpoint in the game. On some laptop models, clicking F9 will trigger a recovery process and the backup.

F10 button

The primary task of this key is to open the active program menu. If you press it with Ctrl at the same time, it will open the Word text editor. And the combination of F10 and Shift will be similar to pressing the right mouse button.

F11 button

With F11 you will be able to activate the full-screen mode in the browser, and pressing the button again will deactivate the mode. The combination of F11 and Shift creates a new page in the Excel editor.

F12 button

In Word, pressing F12 will run the Save As … command. In tandem with the Shift key, you can save the current document. F12 and Ctrl start a new Word document.

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Needed commands.

The number of functions is overwhelming indeed, but you are not required to learn all of them at once.

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Analyse your working process and figure out what are the most important functions for you and whenever you will need to perform that function, remember to avoid using the mouse – try to use the hotkeys to make your life easier.


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