Friends Were Actually Brothers! Two Pals Since 6th Grade Found It Through DNA Test After 60 Years


Friends Were Actually Brothers! Two Pals Since 6th Grade Found It Through DNA Test After 60 Years

What’s two best friends’ deepest desire? Being biologically related. Sister from another mister or possibility to have the brother from another mother. The following pals got the better end of the deal!

The power tool to test any relation is DNA testing for identification. The most accurate results are matched in case of parental testing but it can be just as reliable to find siblings. Each cell of our bodies contains a complete set of our DNA whether it is the heart or the skin. Try to keep yourself from plucking people’s hair though! 


The phenomenon behind DNA testing is its molecule study. It carries the genetic code and exhibits traits like hair and eyes color along with all other aspects of the personality. In socialization, if these match you become friends and if a biology match happens — read on the story!

Friends of 60 years were actually brothers

Best friends living in Hawaii,  Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane were more like a family to each other. These golden oldies were playmates since the sixth grade in school. Alan was raised by his grandma and Walter was adopted. 60 years late as the fate twirled its unpredictable waves, they found out they are actually siblings.

It had never crossed their minds even when people kept asking them if they are brothers for being so much alike. Mr. Macfarlene’s older daughter, Cindy got on the quest of searching for her dad’s biological parents. She was surprised when Alan’s relative confirmed him to be Robi 737 which was the highest strengthed matched gene I.D from the DNA Kit.

Alan and Walter are actually brothers from the same mother. How cool is that! Mr. Robinson told Washington Post:

This guy was like an older brother all along. We’d go skin diving. I’d be making noise in the water, splashing around, he’d be teaching me how to do it right. He always came out of the water with a bigger string of fish. And I had the smallest.

They threw a party to reveal this and their friends including their family were all in happy tears. The friendly brothers are now planning a vacation in Las Vegas to celebrate. Just when it could get more amazing!

Things to know before taking a DNA test

Once you get a testing kit, it may become a sport. Giving you thousands of matched results. It’s important to skim the suited information correctly. Here are some essentials to consider before getting a DNA test:

  • know the functions and implication of it beforehand;
  • there is a dark side to it that involves getting your genetic data in public informational feed;
  • choose a DNA service that has a bigger database;
  • get your results arranged and ordered from a professional.


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