Former Scientology Member Claims John Travolta Tried To Bring His Late Son Back To Life


Former Scientology Member Claims John Travolta Tried To Bring His Late Son Back To Life

It’s not a secret that John Travolta is among the Hollywood celebrities who are prominent members of the Church of Scientologists. Their families are members of this organization, too.

Both John and his wife, Kelly Preston, have openly spoken about the significance of religion in their lives.

John Travolta breaks his silence on his son’s demise

John Travolta went through a lot of pain when he lost his eldest son during a family vacation. The tragedy seemed like a long journey, and John wasn’t sure he would ever get through it.

Fortunately for him, he got help dealing with his son’s demise. Speaking to Daily Mail UK, the actor credited Scientology for his family’s recovery, saying:

The church never left our side for two years. I don’t know if I would have made it through without their support. Our church is the number one thing that keeps us grounded.

Bringing his son back from the dead

Former Scientology member Sam Domingo is sharing some secrets of the church after rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in Los Angeles for over two decades.

In an interview with DailyMailTV, the daughter-in-law of the famous opera singer Plácido Domingo revealed that actor John Travolta tried to raise his son Jett from the dead.

Travolta’s son died at the age of 16 after he suffered a seizure while the family was on a Christmas holiday in the Bahamas.


According to Sam, who is now out of the church, John attempted to order Jett’s Scientology spirit called ‘Thetan’ to return into his body. She said:

John Travolta did a ”Bring Back To Life” assist while Jett was in the ambulance, it’s where you order the Thetan to get back into the body, saying: I command you to get into the body now. This is meant to raise them back to life.

A doting father to two children

The Grease star is married to actress Kelly Preston. The couple is parents to a daughter Ella Bleu and son Benjamin. Both kids share a stunning resemblance to their famous dad.

John is one of the most famous and desired Hollywood actors. But despite this, he never neglects his parenting duties and devotes all his free time to his wonderful family. The actor is very vocal about how protective he is of his children and has spoken about the close connection they share.

As a parent losing a child can be very heartbreaking. This particular tragedy was a lot for actor John Travolta to handle.

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