Former Nurse, Who Has 8 Biological Kids, Adopts Disabled Children To Give Them A Sweet Home


Former Nurse, Who Has 8 Biological Kids, Adopts Disabled Children To Give Them A Sweet Home



Raising a child with disabilities might be a challenge for any parent. Some women are able to abandon their babies with special needs soon after giving birth. But one lady made her life goal to adopt dying children and give them a second chance to live. This woman’s name is Cori Salchert, and her story is able to touch anyone’s feelings.

Cori Salchert and her noble goal

Cori Salchert from Wisconsin is a former nurse. As she worked in a hospital, Cori used to see a lot of children born with disabilities and parents who abandoned them soon after giving birth.

Salchert finds unacceptable the thought of a child dying alone in a hospital bed, so the woman made her life goal to help these poor kids.

Cori and her husband Mark have already made a great difference in the lives of seven kids who were abandoned by their parents.

Cori and Mark have eight biological children, but it doesn’t stop them from enlarging their family with new members. They adopted their first daughter in 2013. The girl was born without the right hemisphere of her brain, and the doctor said the infant was not going to make it.

Next year, Cori adopted a 4-month-old boy with irreversible brain damage. The kid was not expected to live past age two, but recently, he celebrated his third birthday.

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All their foster children have varying diagnoses. Nevertheless, Cari says she can’t express with words all the joy she and her family have experienced after opening their home and hearts to children with such unique needs.

When we’re told in everything give thanks — oh boy, it’s so hard to do when it’s situations like these. But it’s about drawing close to God and not shoving him away, and knowing giving thanks makes it easier to bear.

Cori and her husband deserve the highest respect for all the good things they have done. Every child needs a loving family and a sweet home.


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