Former BBC Breakfast Host Bill Turnbull Opens Up About His Cancer Diagnosis


Former BBC Breakfast Host Bill Turnbull Opens Up About His Cancer Diagnosis

Long-term aches and chronic pains can be age-related, but sometimes, they mean that a serious illness is underway. And Bill Turnbull, a British journalist, knows this better than anyone.

Bill’s story

After pills prescribed no longer alleviated leg and hip pain that the former BBC breakfast presenter experienced, he rushed to his GP to check things out. Following a couple of tests, the doctor called Turnbull in the morning to give him extremely bad news.

As it turned out, Bill had advanced prostate cancer. And to make things even worse, it had already spread to his bones.

Worst part of the diagnosis

The presenter reveals that the worst part is the realization that he has a terminal condition that will not disappear. Struggling to keep it all together, Turnbull had a difficult time breaking the news to his family and children. And while he admits he has had an amazing life, Bill is upset he isn’t going to be around his kids as much as he could.

 I have been blessed to have had a wonderful family who still give me joy every day.

Need for check-ups

Having a terminal condition, Turnbull is now urging other people to get regular check-ups to catch cancer earlier. If he had had a test a couple of years ago, he could have stopped it at the prostate. And his survival chances would be better.

People’s support

The only thing that keeps the presenter afloat is the support and love he receives from his family and friends. Countless well-wishers took to Twitter to shower the broadcaster with warm words, including Good Morning Britain’s Charlotte Hawkins and BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin.

We’re, too, sorry to hear this news and hope that Turnbull gets good care.

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