For Luck? 6th Year Into Their Marriage, Princess Diana Smashed A Bottle Over Her Husband’s Head


For Luck? 6th Year Into Their Marriage, Princess Diana Smashed A Bottle Over Her Husband’s Head

Everybody knows that Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage ended in scandalous divorce. But fewer people know that their relationship was off to a rocky start. The signs were all there to see: the way Prince Charles proposed to Diana, the fact that one of his exes, Camilla Parker Bowles, was invited to the wedding and that the Prince used to date Diana’s elder sister. Nevertheless, there was a time when the spouses felt happy together.

Lady Di’s transformation was as swift as the development of her relationship with the Prince. After the engagement was announced, a modest teacher quickly turned into the one who was supposed to one day ascend the throne.

The responsibility that fell on the 20-year-old girl’s shoulders was enormous. Suddenly, she became the number 1 target for reporters and paparazzi.

During the first year of their marriage, Diana and Charles looked really happy, although Andrew Morton revealed some shocking details of this unhappy union in his biographical book Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words. According to him, the Princess knew that Camilla never stepped away. Diana developed an eating disorder, which was pretty hard to cope with, due to constant stress.

Charles was not thrilled about his marriage to Diana Spencer. According to Sally Bedell Smith’s book, Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life, he was tormented by the fact that he couldn’t marry Camilla.

Anyway, the life of the Prince and Princess of Wales wasn’t devoid of funny moments. Information about one of them was published by MI6. In December 1986, the couple visited the film set of a James Bond movie The Living Daylights, starring Timothy Dalton. They said that the Prince was delighted with the work of the stuntmen and even suggested that Diana… break a bottle over his head just like in the movie! Of course, the bottle was made of sugar glass and was absolutely harmless to the heir to the throne, but these shots are priceless!

The Princess was rumored to have refused initially, but as Charles insisted, she fulfilled his request. We can only guess what she felt at that moment. Perhaps it was embarrassment, but who knows, maybe Diana enjoyed that little innocent ‘payback’? What do you think about it?

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