Five Celebrity Families In Matching Christmas Pajamas


Five Celebrity Families In Matching Christmas Pajamas

It’s a couple of days before Christmas, and celebrities, just like ordinary people, are busy buying presents and getting ready for celebrating festivities. The holiday is all about family, and rich and famous also want to spend some quality time with their near and dear.

Red is the new black

Like many of us, they have special Christmas traditions. Some cannot wait to decorate their Christmas trees and homes with lights, while others plan what to cook for dinner. And some buy new matching pajamas for all family members to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

New year – new pajamas, and celebrities are always happy to share some snaps of their children wearing amazing holiday outfits. Let’s look at some of the cutest photos.

Lachey’s kids

Every year, Vanessa Lachey looks for stylish matching pajamas for her children to wear at bedtime and while opening their presents. Little Phoenix, Brooklyn, and Camden definitely rock these elf-themed outfits. Even the pup is festive!

Публикация от Vanessa Lachey (@vanessalachey)

Samuel Lowe

Catherine Guidici also took to Instagram to post a new pic of her son Samuel. This precious baby is incredibly happy to celebrate his second Christmas. By the way, next year, he will have another sibling to enjoy the holiday time with as the couple expects the second child.

Публикация от Sean Lowe (@seanloweksu)

Baldwin clan

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s kids are also fans of plaid pajamas. In a video montage shared on Instagram, they are busy helping decorate their house for Christmas. Leonardo and Rafael look cute in their button-front shirts and pants, while Carmen chose an outfit with lace and bows.

Публикация от Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin)

Giuliana and Edward Rancic

Here’s another festive photo of Giuliana Rancic. It seems that her son Edward wanted to stand out among all those wearing red pajamas. The boy and his mom pose near the decorated Christmas tree in two-set outfits with an adorable bear.

Публикация от Giuliana Rancic (@giulianarancic)

Lopez family

Wow, there are lots of kids! Jennifer Lopez’s twins, the singer’s sister, and her boyfriend’s daughters also have some fun bonding time in their black and red flannel pajamas.

Публикация от Alex Rodriguez (@arod)

The fans quickly reacted to all celebrities’ posts, wishing them a truly magical Christmas time.

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