Fitness Blogger Couldn't Achieve Toned Buttocks Until She Discovered Effective Tricks That Work For Everyone


Fitness Blogger Couldn't Achieve Toned Buttocks Until She Discovered Effective Tricks That Work For Everyone

Social media are filled with millions of photos of beautiful men and women with toned bodies. But one fitness blogger decided to share how difficult it is to achieve such spectacular results, instead of just posting another picture.

Emma O’Neill revealed a common mistake standing in the way of perfectly toned buttocks on her example. In order to do so, she posted two before and after pictures. On the first photo, she was focusing on cardio workouts with light weights.

The photo on the right was taken about a year later. It shows how much Emma’s body has changed. During that time, she switched to using heavier weights during her cardio training.

Публикация от Emma (@emlouisefitness)

Here are some secrets to how anyone can achieve such astounding results:

1. Regular squats aren’t a guarantee for perfect buttocks, but they are still important. They help to develop a muscle hypertrophy and stenghthen the body to prepare it for weights.

2. You need to wark with heavy weights, which is the key for growing measurements.

3. In order for the muscles to grow, you need to eat food which can help you achieve your goals. Therefore, most of the diet should consist of protein.

4. Carbs are very important too. Don’t exlude them from your diet. But you need to switch to complex carbs, which should take up to 20-30% of your meals. Muscle growth will be relatively slow, but overall steady.

Публикация от Emma (@emlouisefitness)

6. Be patient. Unfortunately your body won’t change in a matter of weeks. The results additionally depend on your psychological state and can take up to 6 months.

7. It’s not as scary as you may think.

Публикация от Emma (@emlouisefitness)

Emma was able to achieve these results in only a year.

Публикация от Emma (@emlouisefitness)

You don’t have to go through excruciating diets. It’s very important to figure out proper nutrition and excercise regularly, in order to achieve a perfectly toned body.

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