First, Ronald Reagan, Then, Dwayne Johnson. The History Seems To Be Repeating Itself


First, Ronald Reagan, Then, Dwayne Johnson. The History Seems To Be Repeating Itself

Recently, there’s been a lot of rumors and talks about Dwayne Johnson running for the presidential post in the USA. As always, there are people who fervently support the idea, and there are those who oppose to it despite every reasonable argument they hear. Nevertheless, the fact remains that there’s a chance the Hollywood actor will try to win his chance to reside in the White House. Or as he put it the interview with Caity Weaver from GQ: 

I think that it’s a real possibility.


After all, presidency isn’t always about business.

Shouldn’t it be all about people, at least sometimes? They say a creative person, an actor without a business background, can’t be a president. Such a person wouldn’t be able to solve some business tasks, manage the economy of the whole country, and communicate with the government. There’s a grain of truth in this, but what, actually, does this business background give the country if a president doesn’t care about his people?

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Especially, taking into account the fact, Dwayne Johnson has been showing his care about people through his entire career as an actor. That’s probably why people love him so much. And they show it even in the polls like this:

Hollywood actors turned politicians – been there, done that, AND it wasn’t bad.

We’ve already seen a few successful examples where people who came from Hollywood turned out to be pretty successful politicians and even presidents. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proved to be a good governor for California, and Ronald Reagan was famous for his political and business initiatives that received the name of "Reaganomics."

And common Americans already make such video compilations why they would vote for The Rock at 2020 elections:

They promote out-of-the-box thinking, so why not actually try using it?

Lots of public figures, analytics, and politicians claim there’s nothing for you to do in the White House, unless you have at least some business background, but they usually forget one thing they try to promote – thinking differently.

Here are real people who are ready to provide solutions and not only debate over who is better. What’s more, Dwayne Johnson was clever enough not to support any of the candidates during the previous elections. He knew what a great responsibility it was, and didn’t want to disappoint people.

Now, however, it’s his time to show what he can, and there are already people who will support him:

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