Fans Claim Comedian John Oliver Calling Melania Trump “Icy” Was A Tasteless Jibe At FLOTUS


Fans Claim Comedian John Oliver Calling Melania Trump “Icy” Was A Tasteless Jibe At FLOTUS

Comedian John Oliver mocked Melania Trump in a rant over President Trump’s decision to buy Greenland. This led to a storm of opinions on Twitter over his comments on the First Lady’s “icy” attitude.

Donald Trump interested to buy Greenland

President Donald Trump has expressed interest in buying the world’s largest island. The American leader confirmed that he talked to his aides and congress about the possibility of the US buying Greenland from Denmark.

He said: “Essentially it’s a large real estate deal, a lot of things could be done. But we’ll talk to them a little bit.” However, Denmark’s prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, responded to Trump’s remarks by saying "Greenland is not for sale."

Tasteless jibe at FLOTUS

Following reports that Trump wants to purchase Greenland, Comedian John Oliver took a swipe at the president and attacked his wife, Melania.

During his Sunday night program Last Week Tonight, John compared the US first lady to the country describing her as “icy”. He said:

Yeah, of course, he did. Of course, he did. Greenland is icy, distant, and semi-autonomous, it’s exactly Trump’s type.

The comedian mocked Melania while making the statement by putting up her on the screen.

Many Twitter users took to the social media platform in response to Oliver’s attack on Melania, to share their opinions.

The majority of people were rather displeased with the comedian’s “tasteless” jibe at FLOTUS.

Bad vibes for John

John’s statement is getting a lot of attention on social media but a lot of it is not positive. Some people have suggested that Oliver who mocked Trump before, went too far this time and slammed the comedian.

What do you think about John Oliver’s rant, did he go too far?

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