Fancy Napkin Folding: Creative Ideas For Thanksgiving And Christmas


Fancy Napkin Folding: Creative Ideas For Thanksgiving And Christmas

These DIY napkin folding ideas don’t require any special skills or preparation, but they are sure to impress your guests and add a wonderful holiday touch to your table. The best part, if something goes wrong, there is no need to clean up or waste any materials: just unfold the napkin and start again!

The Crown

The King of Random / YouTube

This folded crown will be a good addition to the perfect royal atmosphere and a great place to put a tiny floral arrangement.

The Candle

The King of Random / YouTube

This folding technique will definitely make up for the absence of real candles if you lack them because the similarity is striking! It looks like the candle is burning with bits of wax dripping on the table. Impressive, isn’t it?

The Elf Shoe

The King of Random / YouTube

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Santa sees all! And with the help of his little elves, he’ll deliver the best presents for diligent housewives. In the meantime, try folding your napkins into this cute elf shoe to try and win Santa’s heart!

The Rose

The King of Random / YouTube

The rose-shaped napkin will give a totally elegant look to the holiday table. It can also be placed under the plates, candleholders or glasses.

The Bird of Paradise

The King of Random / YouTube

This stunning folding technique surely can’t go by unnoticed. It looks very intricate and impossible to make, but can actually be done pretty easily, following simple instructions in the video below. But no one has to know the secret!

The Bishop’s Hat

The King of Random / YouTube

Another elegant décor tip is to fold the napkins in a shape of the bishop’s hat. Check out the video to see the detailed instructions on how to fold it right.

Six impressive fancy napkins are ready to dazzle! We hope these creative ideas bring plenty of inspiration to make your holiday table look like the one from the pages of glossy décor magazines. Please, watch the video for more detailed instructions of each folding technique.

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