Famous Makeup Artist Shared A Tip Of Instant “Facelift”: 10 Years Younger In 2 Minutes!


Famous Makeup Artist Shared A Tip Of Instant “Facelift”: 10 Years Younger In 2 Minutes!

Long before plastic surgery became mainstream, women resorted to various tricks to keep the face fresh and maintain its form. For example, famous Marlene Dietrich allegedly had several molars removed to emphasize the cheekbones, and she used a surgical tape for a facelift effect.

Modern medicine offers many other ways to achieve this effect: from injections to costly surgeries. The results are truly amazing, but any surgical intervention implies a long and painful rehabilitation, and there is a risk of a medical error.

The ingenious method

We present to you a simple and painless facelift method that will not cost you a penny. Literally.

This method was invented by famous British makeup artist Andrew Barton. It can be called a lifehack that can help you when you need it the most.

All you will need is a tail comb, a couple of thin ponytail elastics, and a pair of invisible hairpins.


1. Lift and pin the hair on the top leaving the strands at the temples untouched.

2. Section a thin strand of hair on the temples slightly above the eyebrow line.

10 Years Younger / YouTube

3. Twist it tightly while pulling back towards the back of the head.

4. Secure the end of this strand to the hair on the back of the head with an elastic and then with two hairpins.

10 Years Younger / YouTube

5. Let the hair you’ve pinned on the top of your head down covering the “facelift” construction.

Fast? Yeah! Simple? Absolutely! Your fresh and young face is bound to receive compliments and envious stares from everybody around.

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