Face Full Of Cement: Evil ‘Doctor’ Injects Cement And Tire Sealant In Woman’s Face


Face Full Of Cement: Evil ‘Doctor’ Injects Cement And Tire Sealant In Woman’s Face

We all want to look in the way that will make us feel beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with that!


To achieve the desired appearance and “feel,” we go into deferent directions – some choose dying their hair, others decide to get a tattoo. There are also those who are partial to getting a little help from professionals.


Everyone is free to do whatever they want with their face and body. However, they should know that they may encounter harmful and tragic consequences.

Rajee Narinesingh, a transgender woman from Florida, is one of those who became the “victim of beauty.” She is an author, actress, activist, and an advocate for the LGBTQ community.

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In 2005, Rajee attended a “pumping party,” where people are injected with cosmetic fillers. She wished to make her face look more feminine.

But she didn’t know that the “doctor” who hosted the party was a fraud. Oneal Ron Morris claimed to be a plastic surgeon, but as it turned out, she was scamming vulnerable people who wanted to get a beauty treatment.

Rajee was one of the victims of Morris, who performed illegal plastic surgeries using substances such as Fix-a-Flat, Super Glue, and mineral oil.

What Narinesingh received was far from a beautiful transformation she dreamed about, as the “evil doctor” filled her face with cement and tire sealant, which left the poor woman with a horribly-disfigured appearance.

Rajee turned to doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif from the US reality TV show Botched, where they try to fix “extreme plastic surgeries gone wrong." But they turned her down, saying that it was safer to leave her face as it is.

Still, Dr. Dubrow really wanted to help the poor woman, so he convinced skeptical Dr. Nassif to give her another consultation next year. After examination, the doctors decided to perform several operations to withdraw the cement lumps from Rajee’s face.

Публикация от Rajee Rajindra Narinesingh (@rajee_actress)

The operations went successful, and Narinesingh couldn’t thank enough her saviors.

Публикация от Rajee Rajindra Narinesingh (@rajee_actress)

This story raises awareness about the terrible consequences plastic surgeries can have. Once you let a doctor bring a knife to your face, there is no way to come back. So ask yourself, is it really worth it?

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