“Everything”: That’s How A Boy Explains What His Brother With Down Syndrome Means To Him


“Everything”: That’s How A Boy Explains What His Brother With Down Syndrome Means To Him



Lots of people who have no idea how it is to live with a person with Down syndrome think it’s a burden, while for those who actually have such people in their families, the reality is a bit different.

How people feel about having a brother or sister with Down syndrome?

According to a study by Skotko B.G., Levine S.P., Goldstein R. published on, the majority of brothers and sisters who have siblings with Down syndrome said they are proud of having them. 96% of the surveyed people said they had affection for their brothers and sisters with this condition. And only 5% would trade them for another brother or sister without DS.

Viral video of Griffin and Turner

Last summer, Griffin and Turner stole hearts in a viral video where they were asked some questions about one another. Two brothers showed their deep brotherly love can overcome everything, even growing up. They admitted they would continue having fun and laugh in the future the way they do it now, and it’s so precious.

Another example, when Griffin was asked what was his favorite thing about Turner, he didn’t hesitate to say it is the fact he is his brother. And it’s as simple as that.

During one of the Little Big Shots, the brothers proved their love once again when Griffin was asked what Turner means to him, he answered: "Everything". That’s the biggest thing he could have ever done.

Father’s revelation

In 2016, the boys’ father posted a video on his Facebook page describing both awkward and awful incident that had happened to him. He overheard a father telling his son that Down syndrome was an illness of "not knowing anything."

Robb Scott blamed himself for not stepping in right there and said to his son with Down syndrome that he is the most wonderful thing that’s even happened to him.

So when other people don’t understand the value of something, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. They just look at it from another angle.

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