Eva Mendes Opens Up About The Challenges Of Motherhood And Fans Immediately Slam Her On Social Media


Eva Mendes Opens Up About The Challenges Of Motherhood And Fans Immediately Slam Her On Social Media

Eva Mendes is a famous and successful actress. But when she shared her own realities of being a mom, many people felt she had no idea what she was talking about. 


‘I struggle like any other working mom’

The 44-year-old recently opened up to ABC‘s Good Morning America about her fashion line and also how she balances being a mom, designer, and actress. She explained: 

I just struggle like every other working mother.

She talked about how challenging it is to raise a 2 and a 4-year-olds while also ensuring her business remains afloat. Her partner, Ryan Gosling has, however, been a great help, she said.

‘You have no idea’

While the main focus of her interview seems to be her work as a designer and the inspiration behind her creativity, many took offense to the part where she claimed she was having the same struggles as any other working mother. 

There were those who felt that Mendes, who lives the glamorous life and probably has dozens of help on her staff, does not know what it is to be an average working mom.

See some of the comments below.

Why the hate?

Of course, not everyone felt that Mendes should be castigated for saying what she said. It is her own reality, they felt, and it does not matter whether or not other people relate. 

The fact remains that motherhood looks different for every individual. And even among ‘average’ moms, there are still some that are a bit more or less privileged or face unique challenges.

It’s only fair that every mother, celebrity or not, should be able to talk about their own struggles without being bashed by others. No one has all the answers and no matter how much money you have, life is not without its problem.

We hope people continue to be kinder to one another as words do leave a mark, even though it’s not visible. 

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