Elvis Presley's Carbon-Copy: His Grandson, Benjamin Keough, Looks Just Like The King Of Rock And Roll


Elvis Presley's Carbon-Copy: His Grandson, Benjamin Keough, Looks Just Like The King Of Rock And Roll

Benjamin Keough, the son of Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough’s sure carries the dominant gene of his grandfather, Elvis Presley. The 25-year-old guy who was born on October 21, 1992, as Benjamin Storm Keough, is the replica image of his late grandfather, Elvis Presley.

Benjamin Keough and Elvis Presley

Their resemblance isn’t lost in Lisa Marie, Benjamin’s mom. Around the year 2012, Lisa told CMT that she is often overwhelmed when she looks at her boy and sees her late father! She says he is like an exact copy of Elvis.

Recently, he was at the opera and was quite the storm behind the stage! Everyone turned around, looking in his direction and so was everybody grabbing him for a photo as well.

Even though Benjamin is a direct replica of his grandfather, his grandmother Priscilla Presley is a bit concerned about unrelated impersonators. She described her late husband Elvis Presley as:

A fine specimen of a man. Elvis had a lot of dignity, he had a lot of class.


She also mentioned that she is of the opinion that impersonators only cheapen Elvis Presley’s memory.

Ben and Lisa’s blue eyes

Benjamin Keough does not only look like his grandfather, he also inherited the famous pout and baby blue eyes that his mother Lisa Marie has. Should he ever dye his locks to black, he would be mistaken for his grandfather except for the fact that he is younger.

Benjamin isn’t the only grandchild of Elvis Presley who has attracted the media in time past. His sister, Riley was rumored to have stolen Robert Pattinson from The Twilight Saga princess Kristen Stewart. Like many rumors, those headlines turned out to be false as Riley in that same year married her fiancee Ben Smith Peterson.

Their resemblance is spooky, to say the least.

Although Elvis Presley has been dead for a while, his memory and legacy live on. All you need do is take a good look at Benjamin Keough and it’s Elvis Presley that will stare right back at you.

Their resemblance is so uncanny that it’s almost spooky. Take a look at their pictures, do you think they look alike too?

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